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Speaking Options

If you would like to book an engagement, call 903.724.2468
or e-mail:

"My name is Linda Fender from the Oregon Pacific District Church of the Nazarene.
You spoke for our 2001 District women's event, Springtime Spectacular,
and we remember the time with you with great fondness!

This will be only the second time in the event's 28 year history that we
have asked a speaker to come for a repeat appearance. We are looking
for a keynote speaker for an upcoming event.... "

Debra offers upbeat, educated, hilarious, and thought-provoking presentations for those
who want to enjoy an event but come away with new insights and deeper wisdom.
Her topics are as broad as her books, and she is happy to work within existing themes.

Debra speaks for:
Women's Retreats
Weekend Revivals
Special Events

Rates: Debra has no set fees and works within your budget. She also asks for events to cover travel expenses and accommodations for one. 

Note: Requests volunteer assistants at the event.


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