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"Debra White Smith reminds me of a Christian Nora Roberts...mystery and suspense with just the right touch of romance." --Deb Haggerty

"I am so impressed at what a good writer you are, Debra! You don't over- spiritualize everything to the
point where it's not reality! You are truly a gift to the body of Christ.
Your are one of the best Christian Fiction writers I have ever read!
And I read about 3-4 books a week, so I've read a lot."
--Janeen Dwinell, Texas

The Tie that Binds: A Marriage Revolution of Love
The Tie that Binds: A Marriage Revolution of LoveAre You Ready for a Change?

Whether you want to add spice, develop intimacy, or revive your union, The Tie that Binds shows you how. Turning traditional marriage concepts upside down, Debra shares how she and her husband went from an okay marriage to a dynamite relationship full of high-level attraction, terrific communication, mutual respect, tons of laughter, and great romance.

Their revolution began when Debra quit waiting for results. She began to romance her husband with gusto, and soon he returned the favor! As they explored their marriage, they overturned notions of hierarchies, equality, and cultural ideals to...

* put Jesus and His teachings first in their lives
* synthesize and apply biblical teaching
                                    * serve each other enthusiastically
                                    * make all major decisions jointly
                                    * set aside time for romance and fun

You’ll find hope, enthusiasm, and excitement as you take this fresh look at your marriage and dare to explore God’s original design for marriage.

From DustJacket Publishing

The Chase: Book Three of the Lone Star Intrigue Series
The Chase
Ryan Mansfield wishes he could turn back time. Wishes he could've saved his marriage. But once Shelly found out about the affair there was no going back. Despite cleaning up his act and finding God, Ryan knows Shelly has moved on. She even plans to marry Tim, a successful dentist who attends her church. But when their son Sean is kidnapped, they are drawn together by grief, worry, and love of their son. As they work together to track Sean down and bring him back home again, can they find forgiveness and give their family a second chance?

Includes discussion questions and a letter from the author.

From Harper Collins

"Debra White Smith reminds me of a Christian Nora Roberts...
mystery and suspense with just the right touch of romance."
--Deb Haggerty
Texas Pursuit: Book Two of the Lone Star Intrigue Series
Texas PursuitA single mother is a target--and only one man can help her!

Tired of waiting for the right man to start a family, Tanya flew halfway around the world alone to adopt her son. On the return flight, she was seated next to a man named Maurice and endured hours of his comments and innuendos. Once they landed in Dallas, he started stalking her–sending gifts, leaving voice mails, following her everywhere...finally forcing her to move. Maurice hires private detective Sonny Mansfield, whose intentions were good when he agreed to help a client locate his missing “ex-wife” and kidnapped “son.” But watching Tanya with her little boy, Sonny realizes he’s made a terrible mistake by inadvertently leading danger back into her life. Joining forces to defeat a madman, Sonny and Tanya can’t deny the attraction they feel for each other. But their love will be short-lived if they aren’t able to escape Maurice for good.

Includes discussion questions, a letter from the author, and a preview of book three in the LONE STAR INTRIGUE series, TEXAS REDEMPTION.

From Harper Collins
Texas Heat: Book One of the Lone Star Intrigue Series
Texas Heat A woman is wrongly accused--and one man will risk everything to prove her innocence and save her life.

The last thing Jack Mansfield ever wanted was to arrest his former sweetheart--especially with her crying five-year-old hanging on to her. But Jack is the police chief of Bullard, Texas, and records indicate Charli has embezzled more than $100,000 from the bank where she works. Charli swears she’s innocent, but Jack must abide by the law.

Charli thought she had pieced her life back together after her first husband left her alone and pregnant. But now she sits in a jail cell, accused of a crime she did not commit, with a little girl waiting on the outside. Charli’s faith has always kept her steady during the ups and downs of life, but she can’t deny she’s now close to despair.

Jack has harbored unrequited love for Charli for over a decade; and that love drives him to task himself and his private-eye brother, Sonny, to prove her innocence and find the perpetrator. But Jack and Charli will never have their happily-ever-after if she goes to prison or is murdered by the person who framed her. Will they find the true culprit in time to save Charli’s life and finally give their love a chance?

Includes discussion questions, a letter from the author, and a preview of book two in the LONE STAR INTRIGUE series.

From Harper Collins Publishers

Lone Star Intrigue
The Chase
Two great books in one volume for one great price: TEXAS HEAT and TEXAS PURSUIT
as featured above.

Includes discussion questions and a letter from the author.

From Harper Collins

The Divine Romance: Experiencing Intimacy with God
The Divine RomanceHave you ever longed to fall in love with God?

Many settle for knowledge of Christianity but miss out on the depths of power, freedom, and peace that are gifts from the One who loves us deeply. Failing to experience the fullness of God’s love, they never sense His surrounding presence.

In The Divine Romance, Debra White Smith shows you how to satisfy this nagging hunger and develop an intense personal relationship with God. Through the author’s helpful insights and solid biblical evidence, you can begin the journey of a deepening romance with the Lord that will bring you ever nearer to the heart of God.

From Beacon Hill Press

Heather: Book One of the Debutante Series

When socialite Heather Winslow succumbs to her mother's push for a "coming out" ball after her college graduation, she grudgingly agrees to be interviewed by Duke Fieldman. Put off by the newspaperman's disdain but attracted by his good looks, Heather startles him by arranging a date. When she learns of duke's desire to be a "real" reporter, she's intrigued. Can she help him?

The Debutantes, Heather and her friends, solve high-profile crimes. Presenting the evidence anonymously, along with a long-stemmed rose, the Debs become known as "The Rose." When they take on a murder, they cross paths with Duke, who wants to uncover The Rose's identity. The more Duke investigates, the more infatuated he becomes.

Heather, Lorna, and Brittan dig into the case. Can Heather keep her involvement a secret while dating Duke? How can she compete with his mystery-woman fascination?

Lorna: Book Two of the Debutante Series

Heather, an engaging blonde with a black belt in karate
Lorna, a brunette athlete with unquenchable enthusiasm.
Brittan, a black-haired genius with a creative streak.

Escaping the crowded political gala, former tennis pro Lorna Leigh exits through the garden...but discovers she's not alone. The dashing 30-something mayor is getting fresh air too. Even though sparks fly, Lorna isn't ready to begin a new relationship. But Michael didn't become Houston's mayor by giving up. Lorna reluctantly gives him her phone number...

As Lorna and Michael get to know each other, Lorna and her friends Heather and Brittan learn that Pastor Trent Devenport is accused of distributing pornography. Convinced he's being set up, the Debutantes investigate. When evidence mounts that Michael may be involved, will Lorna delve deeper or trust her heart?

Forced to take greater risks to narrow the suspect list, the amateur sleuths avoid calamity...until one of them is caught spying. As the Debs face an agonizing decision, will their search for justice tear their friendship apart? Are their detective days over?
Brittan: Book Three of the Debutante Series

Heather, an engaging blonde with a black belt in karate.
Lorna, a brunette athlete with unquenchable enthusiasm.
Brittan, a black-haired genius with a creative streak.

Level-headed Brittan finds learning the family publishing business challenging...and fighting crime with her two best friends under the mysterious guise of "The Rose" exhilarating. Everything in Brittan's life is full of promise--except for that deep sense of loneliness...

As Brittan reads about the unsolved jewelry theft, her frustration builds. Where the rare necklace once was displayed, the thief left a red rose--boldly implicating The Rose in the crime! The three friends quickly go undercover and plot their next step.

They race headlong into danger, knowing truth is on the line. And, this time, so is Brittan's heart. Should she trust the man whose eyes are a disturbing color of blue and smiles directly into her heart or the dark-eyed Latin who knows how to make Brittan feel like the only woman in the world? Both men send her pulse racing. Both hold secrets. But which one acts out of honor and which one out of greed?

An intriguing story of mystery, deceit, and true love.
The Harder I Laugh The Deeper I Hurt:
An Honest Look at Surviving Life's Pain

Behind the laughter and happy exteriors, many of us are silently aching from the side effects of life's pain. We believe in God's goodness and trust in His love, but sometimes we still struggle with the wounds of the past. Feelings of loneliness, anxiety, heartache, and depression are difficult to overcome--even for faithful and committed Christians...

If you're suffering from the emotional scars of life's misfortune, you're not alone.

Stan Toler and Debra White Smith know how you feel. They want you to know that God can bring help and healing to your situation.

With honesty and insight, Stan and Debra share their stories and explain how God used the healing gift of laughter to get them through their darkest moments. Their words of comfort and hope will help you learn to let God's wisdom and peace heal your pain with a joy that will remain genuine--even when life is at its worst.
Romancing Your Husband: Enjoying a Passionate Life Together
Romancing Your Husband

  • Romancing Your Husband is a delightful resource!”

    Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott

      A Unique Guide to an Amazing Marriage

    God designed marriage to be an extraordinary relationship packed with joy and excitement. Offering fresh takes on love, romance, and yes, even sex, Romancing Your Husband highlights all of God’s teachings on marriage to help you establish a satisfying, lifelong union. You’ll be delighted at how much these Bible-based insights and practical suggestions will help you create sparks and sustain dynamic love as you…

     * become a lover wife instead of a mother wife

     * cultivate a more intimate relationship with God

     * discover the delights of healthy, mutual submission

     * find freedom in forgiving

     * arrange creative encounters                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Bestselling author Debra White Smith provides plenty of encouragement for your marriage adventure but warns: “As you experience the joy and fun of romancing your husband, don’t be surprised when he decides to romance you back!”

  • Romancing Your Wife: A Little Effort Can Spice Up Your Marriage
    Romancing Your WifeNote: If your marriage suffers from sexual inhibitions or you have questions about what's sexually permissable in marriage, the chapter "Great Sex 101" will help you overcome inhibitions and receive some straight answers, whether you are male or female.

    Need Some Help?
    Do you want to surprise your wife and put a little romance in your relationship? You can! It takes effort, but the reward is fantastic–an exciting, dynamic, enthusiastic marriage!

    Debra White Smith and her husband, Daniel, offer biblical wisdom and practical advice that will improve your relationship with the woman you love mentally, emotionally, and physically. You’ll discover the tools you need to build a dynamite marriage, including how to—

    * communicate your love more effectively

    * make your wife feel cherished

    * better understand your wife’s needs and wants

    * create a unity of spirit and mind

    * increase the passion in your marriage

    From insights on little things that jazz up a marriage to more than 20 “Endearing Encounters,” Romancing Your Wife will get you started on the path to love and romance.
    101 Ways to Romance Your Marriage: Enjoying a Passionate Life Together
    101 Ways to Romance Your MarriageThe exciting sequel to Debra's best-seller, Romancing Your

    This book features even more innovative and
    fun ideas for turning your respectable marriage into a blazing
    love affair!

    Texas Neighbors
    Texas NeighborsThis book contains the reprinting of Debra's second published novel, The Neighbor, as well as reprints on The Key and The Promise.

    Grace for New Beginnings Abides in Three Endearing Romances.

    New neighbors
    Reunited neighbors
    Overlooked neighbors

    Three Texas couples come together amidst mystery, chance encounters, and heartbreaks that try their faith....

    Allissa Carrington plans to spend vacation time fixing up her new home, but her neighbor has just dug up a mystery in his backyard. Can she trust that Brad Ratner is not part of a murderous plot and follow the pull of her heart?

    When Brendy Lane’s old flame walks into her coffee shop, Zeke brings with him a flood of sweet memories. Can Brendy take a chance on giving Zeke priority in her life that is already filled with family and work?

    Burned by love, Kent Lane only has energy for his two children. Can he ever recognize the love offered by Sylvia–the steadfast family friend who manages his mother’s coffee shop?

    First Impressions: Austen Series, Book One
    First ImpressionsIf you're a Jane Austen fan, you'll love the engageing characters, contemporary situations, issues of faith, and the intricacies of love in Debra White Smith's updated retelling of Austen's endearing stories.

    When Eddi Boswick is cast as Elizabeth, the female lead in a local production of Pride and Prejudice, she hesitates. Dave, the handsome young rancher cast as Darcy, seems arrogant and unpredictable. Accepting the challenge of playing opposite him, Eddi soon realizes that he is difficult to work with on and off the set.

    But when a tornado springs our of nowhere, Dave protects Eddi...much to her chagrin. And he is shocked to discover an attraction for the feisty lawyer he can't deny. Sparks fly wehn Eddi misinterprets his interest and discovers the truth he's trying to hide.

    Will Eddi's passionate faith, fierce independence, and quick wit keep Dave from discovering the secret to love...and the key to her heart?

    Reason and Romance: Austen Series, Book 2
    Reason and RomanceIf you're a Jane Austen fan, you’ll love the
    engaging characters, contemporary situations,
    issues of faith, and the intricacies of love in
    Debra White Smith’s updated retelling
    of Austen’s endearing stories.

    Sense and sensibility collide when love comes calling for sisters Elaina and Anna Woods....

    Ruled by reason, Elaina remains calm in every situation–even when she meets Ted Farris. Although attracted by his charming personality, she refuses to be swept away by love. Accused of never listening to her heart, Elaina finally gives in to her feelings. As her relationship with Ted develops into something magical, they seem destined to be together–except for one tiny detail. Will Lorna Starr keep them apart?

    Anna longs for the day she’ll meet her prince. When she’s rescued by the handsome Willis Kenney, has her dream turned into reality? Inseparable from the start, neither of them worries about the past. Anna, refusing to listen to her sister’s cautious voice of reason, let’s her romantic heart run wild. Caught in an emotional whirlwind, she and Willis revel in the hope of two passionate hearts. Will their impulsive love endure despite the mistakes of yesterday?

    Romance and reason merge in this captivating story about the joys and follies of infatuation and how faith in God reveals true love.
    Central Park: Austen Series, Book Three
    Central ParkIf you're a Jane Austen fan, you'll love the engaging characters, contemporary situations, issues of faith, and intricacies of love in Debra White Smith's updated retelling of Austen's endearing stories.

    Wrenched from her family, young Francine is terrified by her new life with her Aunt Mariette and Uncle Tom Barrimore in New York City....

    But their foster son, Ethan, comes to Francine's rescue. As the years pass, the bond between the two deepens...and they spend many hours enjoying the serenity of Central Park. When Ethan goes to Paris for a missions trip, Francine realizes affection has transformed into love. She dreams of the day Ethan will arrive home and share her love.

    But when Ethan returns, he brings two newcomers--the beautiful and wealthy Carrie Casper, who has obviously captured his heart, and her flirtatious brother, Hugh, who flashes his inviting smile at Francine and her two cousins. As the Caspers cast their spell over the Barrimores, Francine alone senses the danger behind their facade of respectability.

    As the days go by, Francine is forced to face the truth: Ethan's heart belongs to the lovely Carrie. When the playful Hugh turns his charms toward Francine, she wonders if he's finally left his playboy days behind. Pressured by her uncle to accept Hugh's advances, Francine is torn between remaining true to a love that will never be or settling for a marriage of convenience.
    Northpointe Chalet: Austen Series, Book Four
    Northpointe ChaletDebra's most hilarious novel to date!

    If you’re a Jane Austen fan, you’ll love the engaging characters,
    contemporary situations, issues of faith and the intricacies of love in
    Debra White Smith’s updated retelling of Austen’s endearing stories.

    Texas native Kathy Moore loves her new home in Northpointe,
    Colorado. The 22-year-old’s bookstore is thriving. And her social
    life is picking up. New friends Liza and her brother, Ron, an
    unrepentant heartbreaker, are constant visitors. It’s her
    personal life that needs a dramatic twist—like the ones in
    the thrillers she devours....

    Then one dark and stormy night, a kind stranger takes refuge in Kathy’s store. When she learns he’s Ben Tilman, one of the residents of the mysterious chalet overlooking Northpointe, Kathy is smitten. But Ben’s reserved behavior suggests she’s too young and flamboyant to be relationship material for him, an established pastor. Suddenly, like in one of her suspense novels, an old man corners Kathy with warnings about the murderous Tilman patriarch–warnings she must investigate. Will Kathy’s growing suspicions and topsy-urvy investigation put an end to her deepening relationship with the man of Northpointe Chalet?
    Amanda: Austen Series, Book Five
    AmandaIf you’re a Jane Austen fan, you’ll love the engaging characters,
    contemporary situations, issues of faith and the intricacies of love in Debra White Smith’s updated retelling of Jane Austen’s Emma.

    Amanda Priebe is smart, funny, and generous—a great friend to have until the matchmaking bug bites. Deciding that her secretary, Haley, needs a beau, Amanda dreams up the perfect match—Pastor Mason Eldridge. Never mind that Haley is seeing Roger, a respectable dairy farmer. And it doesn't really matter that Mason might be attracted to someone else....

    When it comes to her own heart, Amanda can’t seem to make up her mind what she wants to do. The handsome and debonair Franklyn West is available so is the ever-present Nate Knighton.

    In this tangled web of best-laid plans, who will end up with whom? Will Haley find true love? Will Amanda realize what her heart’s known all along?

    A lively tale of plans gone awry,
    affection in unexpected places,
    and the ultimate power of faith and love.
    Possibilities: Austen Series, Book Six
    PossibilitiesIf you're a Jane Austen fan, you'll love the colorful characters and fascinating relationships in Debra White Smith's delightful, contemporary novel based on Austen's Persuasion.

    "A yardman?" Landon's thin eyebrows arched. "You want to marry a yardman?" Her blue eyes couldn't have been wider...or more disdainful....

    Practical, down-to-earth Allie is the daughter of Willis Elton, a wealthy, respected gentleman farmer. Although allowed to attend college and obtain a masster's degree in horticulture, she is expected to marry well and take her place in society. But Allie has a problem. She's in love with the handsome Frederick Wently--the yardman.

    Yielding to family pressure, she withdraws from the relationship. But as the years pass, her heart refuses to surrender. When Frederick turns up on the arm of a close family friend, Allie struggles with jealousy and heartbreak. What can she do to get him back? And should she even try?

    An intriguing look at the twists and turns of love.
    What Jane Austen Taught Me About Love and Romance
    What Jane Austen Taught Me...Dear Jane...I always ache for Knightley's unrequited love for Emma...celebrate the sparkling excitement between Darcy and Elizabeth...long for Edmund to wake up to Fanny Price's undying love...and cheer for Elinor Dashwood as she learns to love Edward with abandonment. I sight when Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth are finally reunited...and laugh out loud at the forever naive and dear Catherine Morland as she bungles her way into Henry Tilney's heart.

    What a cast of characters. What a writer. What a woman you were! The novels you wrote have forever left an impression upon my mind, my heart, and my writing.

    In tribute to Jane Austen’s genius at creating compelling characters and revealing the intricacies and foibles of affairs of the heart, bestselling romance writer Debra White Smith highlights the delightful interactions between Austen’s people and celebrates the many facets of love. Drawing on her own irrepressible humor....

    Debra also shares her often hilarious encounters in her quest for love to reveal the timelessness of romance.

    An insightful and charming read for anyone who loves Jane Austen, romance, and laughter.
    It's A Jungle At Home: Survival Strategies for Overwhelmed Moms
    It's a Jungle at HomeThe critters are loose in the house–-and they’re called kids!

    Whether swinging from the chandelier, leaving trails of cookie crumbs through the living room, or squaring off like warring lions, children clamor for attention, shatter serenity, bring out the best in us! Along with inspiring Scriptures and practical survival skills (such as the best way to remove ink from clothing or stop your kids from begging for items at stores), Debra shares short stories about family life that will make you chuckle and laugh out loud, including....

    * wrestling a kitty to put on a Band Aid

    * serving french fry flambé

    * cultivating one-of-a-kind slime

    * shaving a hamster

    * winning the Prune Feet award

    Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a career mom, or a single mom, It’s a Jungle at Home highlights innovative solutions to handle life’s problems and reveals the creativity and patience moms are famous for.
    Friends for Keeps: Building Relationships That Last a Lifetime
    Friends for Keeps"There was a time in my life when I didn't feel I had any true friends. And I had been so hurt that I didn't believe I could risk developing close relationships. Now,I have so many friends I can't even count them all." -Debra White Smith

    Often people don't want to develop close friendships because they're afraid of being hurt. But we're built for fellowship with one another, and we must learn to overcome our fear if we are ever to escape loneliness.

    Friends for Keeps challenges women to move past superficiality in friendships and helps them build realistic expectations of what a solid friendship should be. Women who read this book will have a desire for rich friendships and will be equipped to persevere through the trials of relationships.

    Debra White Smith provides solid advice and practical steps for establishing and maintaining lasting friendships, resolving conflicts Christ's way, and extending unconditional love.
    More Than Rubies
    For every woman trying to make her home everything God wants it to be& Leslie Parrott, author of Becoming Soul Mates.

    Your husband and kids are watching.

    Are they seeing what you want them to see?

    Good or bad, your influence in the home is setting the tone for your household, molding your children, helping determine your husbands success, and-more importantly, whether you like it or not-affecting the spiritual condition of your family. Pretty important stuff!

    More than Rubies will help you insure that your impact in your home is a good one. Being a woman of godly influence and raising your family in the way of the Lord is what God has called you to do.
    The Richest Person in the World: A Modern-Day Parable by Stan Toler and Debra White Smith
    The Richest Person in the WorldAn intriguing key to personal and professional success.

    Keith Richardson needs something new. A successful stockbroker married to a gorgeous wife, he has it all--or so it appears. But this morning he impulsively walks out of his Detroit office and catches the first plane to Seattle...heading to Mac' Place, a neighborhood coffee shop he frequented before he became such a success....

    Laughter greeted Keith. The sweet smell of coffee wafted over him. "It's good to see you!" Joe exclaimed. Keith couldn't stop his grin. "I flew in for some real coffee." He settled onto his favorite bar stool. The fit was as good now as it had been three years ago. He relaxed and closed his eyes, savoring the moment.

    Calling his distraught wife, Keith announces he needs time to think, and he'll be back in a week. Staying with Joe, Keith glimpses a lifestyle he longs for and discovers a scriptural truth he's never considered. Does he have the faith to embrace it? And what will Jenny think about this new direction?

    Discover a powerful principle you can implement for a more vibrant, satisfying, balanced life.
    The Case of Stuart's Ship: A Lesson in Stewardship
    Stuart's ShipHardbound Children's Picture Book
    by Debra White Smith & Stan Toler
    Illustrated by Chad Thompson, Disney illustrator for Lilo and Stitch, Brother Bear, Mulan, and Tarzan

    Through good detective work and vivid imaginations, they realize how to put stewardship into practice. Join Stuart and Sam and discover
    how you can please God by taking care of your toys, your time, and your body.

    This delightful book will help children of all ages understand
    the principles of stewardship in a fun and practical way!
    Picture Perfect: Sister Suspense Series, Book Two
    Picture PerfectOriginally Titled The Awakening

    Over 100,000 Copies sold of The Sister Series

    Vowing to never face poverty again, Kim Lan faces the ultimate test God's gentle whisper, "Will you give it all up for me?"

    Supermodel Kim Lan Lowery has it all--exquisite beauty wealth, an engagement to famous heartthrob Ted Curry, and a close circle of friends. When a "secret admirer" sends flowers and love notes, Kim is flattered. As the letters become strangely possessive, she desperately searches for someone she can trust. While she grapples with the impact of her faith on her career, Kim senses the Lord tugging her to take part in a mission trip to Vietnam. But when trip coordinator Mick O'Donnel refuses her application because of her celebrity status, sparks fly. Their lifestyles clash and their values collide, but they also battle a deep undercurrent of passion. Finally embarking on the trip, Kim feels secure until her "admirer" reveals his true identity.

    A stunning story of faith and forgiveness, Picture Perfect highlights the transforming truth of love and God's powerful provision.

    Complete List of Debra's Published Books

    Note: OOP Means Out of Print
    New OOP books may still be purchased on Please use shopping link at the top of the page.
    Used OOP books may often be purchased on or

    Texas Heat, Lone Star Intrigue Series, HarperCollins
    Texas Pursuit, Lone Star Intrigue Series, HarperCollins
    Lone Star Intrigue two-in-one release, HarperCollins
    The Chase, Lone Star Intrigue Series, Harper Collins
    The Tie that Binds: a Marriage Revolution of Love, DustJacket
    Romancing Your Husband, Harvest House Publishers
    Romancing Your Wife, Harvest House Publishers
    The Little Book of Romance, Harvest House Publsihers
    101 Ways to Romance Your Marriage, Harvest House Publishers
    It's a Jungle at Home, Harvest House Publishers
    What Jane Austen Taughter Me About Love and Romance, Harvest House Publishers
    More than Rubies: Becoming a Woman of Godly Influence, Beacon Hill Press
    Friends for Keeps: Building Relationships that Last of Lifetime, Beacon Hill Press
    The Harder I Laugh, the Deeper I Hurt, Beacon Hill Press
    The Divine Romance: Experiencing Intimacy with God, Beacon Hill Press
    The Case of Stewart's Ship, picture book, Randall House Publishers
    Innocent Prey, Cook Communications, OOP
    Best Friends, Cook Coomunications, OOP
    The Neighbor, Barbour Publishing, OOP
    Texas Neighbors, Barbour Publishing, OOP
    Texas Honor, Barbour Publishing, OOP
    Texas Lady, Barbour Publishing, OOP
    Texas Angel, Barbour Publishing, OOP
    Texas Redemption, Barbour Publishing, OOP
    Texas, Barbour Publishing, OOP
    Season of Love, Barbour Publishing, OOP
    Winter Wishes, Barbour Publishing, OOP
    Spring's Promise, Barbour Publishing, OOPOnly You, Barbour Publishing, OOP
    The Key, Barbour Publshing, OOP
    Take Two, Barbour Publishing, OOP
    A Victorian Christmas Quilt, Tyndale House, OOP
    A Victorian Christmas Cottage, Tyndale House, OOP
    Bouquet of Love, Tyndale House, OOP
    Second Chances, Seven Sister Series aka Sister Suspense Series, Harvest House Publishers, OOP
    The Awakening aka Picture Perfect, Seven Sister Series aka Sister Suspense Series, Harvest House Publishers, OOP
    A Shelter in the Storm, Seven Sister Series, Harvest House Publishers, OOP
    To Rome with Love, Seven Sister Series, Harvest House Publishers, OOP
    For Your Heart Only, Seven Sister Series, Harvest House Publishers, OOP
    This Time Around, Seven Sister Series, Harvest House Publishers, OOP
    Let's Begin Again, Seven Sister Series, Harvest House Publishers, OOP
    First Impressions, Jane Austen Fiction Series, Harvest House Publishers, OOP
    Reason and Romance, Jane Austen Fiction Series, Harvest House Publishers, OOP
    Central Park, Jane Austen Fiction Series, Harvest House Publishers, OOP
    Northpointe Chalet, Jane Austen Fiction Series, Harvest House Publishers, OOP
    Emma, Jane Austen Fiction Series, Harvest House Publishers, OOP
    Amanda, Jane Austen Fiction Series, Harvest House Publishers, OOP
    Heather, Debutante Fiction Series, Harvest House Publishers, OOP
    Lorna, Debutante Fiction Series, Harvest House Publishers, OOP
    Brittan, Debutante Fiction Series, Harvest House Publishers, OOP
    The Richest Person in the World, Harvest House Publishers, OOP

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